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CSR Pilot Project - Installation of Solar Street Lighting & Power Packs in Rebuilt Village in Nellore-Port Krishnapatnam Area
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CSR Project - Installing Solar Power Packs in Appapur Village in Nallamala Forest
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Solar Street Lighting Project with the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation
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Installation of Solar LED Street Lighting Systems for ACC cements at Bellary
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With VLE’s evolutionary linkage to LUTW, and because we are a Social Enterprise company, we have designed the VLE website to be both a detailed information source on our products for our clients, and also a valuable source of general information to anyone who has an interest in LED Lighting & Renewable Energy (RE) in the Developing World, be it the public, school teachers, university students & professors, government staff, NGO's, commercial companies etc. 


Journal & Conference Papers and Reports                                             

       1. LUTW-NLP & Everest

       2. Win-Win-Win for HBLEDs in DW

       3. Pico Power-Lighting Lives with LEDs

       4. SSL for Human Development

       5. SSL - RE Solutions Handbook ITU-D

       6. SSL for the DW - The Only Solution

       7. Socio-Economic Impact of SSL in Sri Lanka Village

       8. Why the DW is the Perfect Market Place for SSL

       9. SSL - A Big Step out of the Poverty Trap for the BOP

    10. Modern Lighting for Microfinance Clients Around the Globe

    11. Best Practices for Developing a Solar Home Lighting System Market

    12. Off-Grid Lighting Market for Sub-Saharan Africa

Magazine Articles

       1. LUTW & VLE in The PEG

Invited Book Chapters & Sections

       1. Invited Book Chapters & Sections 

Grad Student Theses & Project Reports     

       1. Grad Student Theses & Project Reports                         

LUTW Media Coverage   

       1. LUTW Media Coverage - (2000 to 2009)                                                                                                                     

UofC ENEL 581 Course Notes                                                   

       1. ENEL 581 - SSL for Human Development                                                             

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