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CSR Pilot Project - Installation of Solar Street Lighting & Power Packs in Rebuilt Village in Nellore-Port Krishnapatnam Area
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CSR Project - Installing Solar Power Packs in Appapur Village in Nallamala Forest
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Solar Street Lighting Project with the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation
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Installation of Solar LED Street Lighting Systems for ACC cements at Bellary
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Product Certifications

Ingress Protection (IP)

With regard to physical ingress and water protection, VLE’s Lamps and Lantern shall achieve a minimum level of protection, based on the type of lamp, in accordance with IEC 60529

The protection of enclosures against ingress of dirt or against the ingress of water is defined in IEC529 (BSEN60529:1991). Conversely, an enclosure which protects equipment against ingress of particles will also protect a person from potential hazards within that enclosure, and this degree of protection is also defined as a standard.

The degrees of protection are most commonly expressed as "IP" followed by two numbers, e.g. IP65, where the numbers define the degree of protection. The first digit (Foreign Bodies Protection) shows the extent to which the equipment is protected against particles, or to which persons are protected from enclosed hazards. The second digit (Water Protection) indicates the extent of protection against water. There is a third digit, the Impact Protection factor, which is sometimes used. The IP is normally displayed in the format shown below.

IP s l (i)

s = solids, l = liquids and i = impact (optional)


Complete protection



Temporary immersion, 15 cm to 1m

Immersion in tank


Protected against 2.0J impact

e.g. 500g weight falling from 40cm height


                          For example the Freedom Lantern will be:   IP67(4)