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CSR Pilot Project - Installation of Solar Street Lighting & Power Packs in Rebuilt Village in Nellore-Port Krishnapatnam Area
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CSR Project - Installing Solar Power Packs in Appapur Village in Nallamala Forest
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Solar Street Lighting Project with the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation
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Installation of Solar LED Street Lighting Systems for ACC cements at Bellary
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Freedom Lantern (FLN)

Solar Lanterns are one of the most common forms of LED lighting used throughout the developing world, and the low energy demand, ruggedness, and long life of LEDs are the primary reasons for their popularity.

However, there is more to lanterns than just LEDs because the efficiency of the driver and battery charging circuits and associated optics must be optimized, if the product is going to give the client the very best service and value for money – and that is the ‘bottom line’. 

Climate Change is a reality and thus it is the ‘sacred responsibility’ of all companies to ensure that not a single Joule of energy is wasted, if it can be reasonably avoided by intelligent and cost effective design.

VLE’s suite of “Freedom Lantern” products embody all of the above, and though we know that there is always room for improvement we have done our very best within the present economic boundaries in which we have to work. It is a matter of pride to VLE designer’s that they can take the extra time to improve the efficiencies just that little bit extra, and thus allow our clients to trust our products all the more.

Clients can be assured of making an informed Solar-LED Lantern choice if they always compare apples to apples, and thus look carefully at solar panel size, battery type and capacity, total usage hours at maximum lumen output (based on an average solar day of charging – not the discharge of the battery to cut-off), and Lm-Hr/$.   


Freedom Lantern V1 :

Solar LED Lantern Freedom Lantern V1Solar LED Lantern VLEINDIA Freedom Lantern V1


Light Sources

2 No’s Samsung Mid-Power LEDs  (Life > 50,000 Hours)                       

Light Output

High  –  80 Lumen for 1.5 Hours

Medium  –  40 Lumen for 3.0 Hours

Low (Night Light)  –  10 Lumen for 15 Hours                       

Lantern Lens



LiFePO4  -  0.5AH, 3.2V (3000 cycle life)

Solar Panel

0.5Wp, 5.5V

Battery Indicator LED

Solid Red  -  Charging

Solid Green  -  Fully Charged

Electronics – Efficiency

>  85%

Protection Class


Mobile Charging


Lamp Stand

20cm High


24 Months


Samsung 5630 LED  -  LM-80 tested LEDs with calculated L70 longevity over 130,000 hrs @55°C  and  over 90,000 hrs @ 85°C



Freedom Lantern V3 :

freedom Lantern V3 ( Solar LED Lantern Rugged, Reliable and best for long life operation )Solar LED Lantern cum Torch Freedom Lantern V3

Light Sources

Side Light  –  12No’s Samsung Mid-Power LED  (Life > 50,000 Hours)

Torch Light  –  1No High Power LED  (Life > 25,000 Hours)

Light Output


Side Light:

·         High  –  200 Lumen for 4.5 Hours

·         Medium  –  100 Lumen for 9.0 Hours

·         Low (Night Light)  –  10 Lumen > 100 Hours

Torch Light:

·         High  –  300 Lumen for 3 Hours

·         Medium  –  200 Lumen for 4.5 Hours

·         Low  –  50 Lumen > 20 Hours


Lantern Lens

Side Light – Clear  &  Torch Light – Clear                       


LiFePO4  –  1.1AH, 9.6V (3000 cycle life)

Solar Panel

3Wp with 5m of Cable

Battery Indicator LED

Charging  –  Solid Red (plugged in & no load)

Fully Charged   –  Solid Green (plugged in & no load)

Discharging  –  Blinking Green to 50% DoD

Discharging  –  Blinking Red below 50% to Cut-off

Blink rate  =  once every 10Sec.

Blink Duration  =  0.5Sec.

Emergency Location at Night:  The “Blink” will continue for 12 Hours after the V3 is switched off.

Electronics – Efficiency

>  90%


Battery Over-Charging & Over-Discharging

Solar Panel Reverse Polarity & Short Circuit

Load (USB) Over-Load

Protection Class


Mobile Charging



24 Months


Freedom Lantern V2 :

The FLN is truly revolutionary, and performance-wise it is in a class of its own. It’s primary attribute, and the mainstay of our Patent pending application, is the manner in which we easily and economically redirect the light, which is normally omni-directional, into virtually any direction(s) we wish. In other words you can transition very swiftly from omni-directional to having almost three times the intensity in the one direction. This is a very important advantage in lots of real life situations since it means the FLN can be used equally well in either the vertical or horizontal positions. The FLN is designed for a long life in the outdoors and apart from being extremely rugged it is also waterproof, thus it can be used in emergencies as a floatation device if someone falls in the river or lake – at which point the “SOS” beacon can also be activated. 

Freedom Lantern V2 Computer Model:

Note: We have completed the third prototype of our revolutionary “Freedom Lantern V2 (FLN V2)” and FLN V2 will go into production by Aug of 2015